Luxe Livery Luxury services

Upgrade your amenities at your luxury apartment site by adding Luxe Livery services. With this unique services bring your complex into the future of luxury apartment living with shuttle and valet services.

Get a city-wide presence with your apartment logo on our luxury SUV vehicles. Let your community know that you are committed to the safety and well being of your residents. Residents are able to use Luxe Livery shuttles after a night out on the town, trips to and from the airport, and to local restaurants and shopping malls.

Our team is dedicated to service and doing so in a professional manner. We pride ourselves on over exceeding the expectations of our clients and making each interaction with them a pleasant and  enjoyable one.


The saying goes 'Time is Money' and we could not agree more. Enjoy the peace of mind of heading to your next meeting with a driver so you may use the time to refresh your notes on a business matter or get an important phone call in before you arrive. Use the time to relax and focus as you arrive in a luxury SUV refreshed and on-time. Our drivers are always well groomed and trained to conduct every situation in a  professional manner.


Enjoy the convenience of having Luxe Livery handle your store runs and errands. Would you like us to pickup your laundry? Would you like us to pickup your dinner order? Just give us a call and we will get your items and deliver them to your door. Whether its medical prescriptions or grocery pickups, just call Park It Valets.


Luxe Livery brings a number of invaluable services to your complex while you wait in the comfort of your home. Enjoy car washes in a variety of ways. Exterior and interior cleaning, tire shine, and rim cleaning. Another service we offer from home is gas fill up. If your vehicle needs gas, just call Park It Valets and we will collect your payment and fill up your car while wait at home. In addition we offer Roadside Assistance to our residents. If you need a jump or lift back home just call Luxe Livery.